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Rewards & Recognition

EXIN’s Aptitude Test (EAT) 


EAT or EXIN Aptitude Test is an online aptitude test offered to all aspirants irrespective of age from different boards, colleges or universities as well as professionals or freelancers to assess their strengths and weaknesses of mental ability.


EATs papers are set by board-level faculties to assess different levels of intelligence and aptitudes categorized by easy, medium and hard standards covering a wide range of academics, entrance and placement curriculums.


Candidates will be recognized with participation certificates acclaimed at global and national levels and will be awarded a lucrative amount of prize money.


The candidates securing extra-ordinary marks in EAT will get a chance to avail of a scholarship of up to 1.0 lacs on the course fees if willing to take admission in  Assured Employment / Self-employment Courses offered by EXIN.


Candidates securing extraordinary marks in EAT will be recognized and enlisted in IIP (International Institute of Professionals) Book of Records.


EXIN Entrance Test (EET)


EET or EXIN Entrance Test is an online entrance test for admission to Professional Training & Skill Development Courses offered by EXIN. 


Top-rankers of EET can avail of a scholarship providing a percentage discount on the course fees of the same percentage scored in EET. So, students have a chance to avail up to 100% scholarships. Terms and conditions are applied upon approval of the scholarship which is the sole discretion of the management.


Scholarships will be applicable only for the admissions in Master-diploma, Diploma and degree courses but not in the crash courses.


Participants will be awarded a merit certificate for EET as a token of recognition for their talent in the Convocation Meet during the successful completion of the course.


Candidates securing extraordinary marks in EET will be recognized and enlisted in IIP (International Institute of Professionals) Book of Records.




EXIN organizes Inter-school, Inter-class and Inter-branch Multi Talent-hunt Competitions at regular intervals which will keep students involved in cultural activities as well as help them to qualify for various scholarship programmes, recognitions and other add-on scopes and benefits helpful for their career designs only by showcasing their talents. Each contestant needs to fill up the participation form against a nominal charge that will be notified at the time of the event. More innovative intellectual competitive contest will be developed under incubation centre managed by top-notch professionals.


 Few of the categories for the contests offered are as follows:


Creative Writing or Blog Writing


CREATIVE WRITING/BLOG WRITING contest to put down the creative ideas of writing skills which will help us to search for talent in society.


It will be judged on the basis of a). Writing: use of correct grammar, punctuation, spelling & concise language b). Originality: displays originality of thought and content c). Appropriateness to the topic: clearly reflects the topic d). Creativity: uses a creative angle on the theme.


 Drawing Competition


The drawing Competition is to conduct in order to bring out creative and artistic skills amongst the students community. 


The main objective of this competition is to enthrall young minds in a creative activity to recognize the role of traditions in their regions through their imagination and provoke their creativity from the innovative ideas expressed through their art. 


Essay Contest


Essay Contest is conducted to generate a brain-storming drive for the huge talent bank of India to innovate ideas on the contemporary trends and techniques in the industry-driven socio-economy.


The contestants will be divided into three categories namely, Junior level (Std V to Std VIII), Middle Level (Std IX and Std X) and senior level (Std XI and Std XII).


The essay can be sent either in English, Hindi and any Regional Language.  


Fashion Design Contest


This competition is giving a fantastic opportunity to the student designers to get their name out there on a national scale bridging a gap between Industry and talent.


The winner will receive an award and certificate for their creations judged on the basis of the quality of logical skill , creativity and expressiveness.



 Innovative Design Contest


This event is organized to harness extremely talented designers of India, be it Architectural, Mechanical, Jewellery, Fashion, Graphic or Animation and we aim to recognize and award these young geniuses of our ever-talented India.


Your design should be original, functional, and innovative, and above all, provide an engaging playful experience that stimulates divergent thinking and creativity. 


 Photography Contest


The Photography Contest aims at providing better exposure for the talents to reveal thoughts and imaginations through photographs.


The contest is open to all from 10 years of age and above from formal, non-formal, private and government schools from all states and union territories of the country. 


Photographs should be sent online and the required resolution and format should be maintained.



Rewards and Recognitions:


Candidates will be awarded participation certificates and will be awarded a lucrative amount of prize money.


The candidates shortlisted as finalists will get a chance to avail of a scholarship of up to 5.0 lacs on the course fees if willing to take admission in Assured Employment / Self-employment Courses offered by EXIN.


Finalists of the inter-school and inter-branch contests will be taken to compete at the district level, state level and international level to secure recognition according to performance of excellence.


Candidates securing 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions will be recognized and enlisted in the IIP (International Institute of Professionals) Book of Records.


Through the submission of the application, students will get a membership of the International Institute of Professionals (IIP), to join the mutually beneficial community development and start earning through multiple income generation schemes.


Finalist contestants will get an opportunity to sell their creations to generate earnings through, a purchase-sales and service platform (B2B & B2C) built under the International Institute of Professionals (IIP).