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EXIN provides a marvelous opportunity for our students to be the recipient of our unique scholarship programmes.

Interested candidates can avail our scholarship programmes by taking part in our admission test. For this, they have to access the Admission Test ear panel seen in our website. Candidates can choose between offline and online tests.

For offline test, candidates have to visit any of our campuses and be physically present for the examination that would follow.

Based on the result of the tests, students can avail scholarship programmes, which would be beneficial in their entire tenure of study as Exianians.


The Government of India has recently launched a website called in order to make the facility of educational loans easier for students.

Apart from this the Government of India has also implemented various schemes and project to assist the underprivileged students like Education Loan Interest Subsidy Scheme. Such schemes are specially designed to provide interest subsidy during the period of moratorium and help the underprivileged students to successfully achieve their ambitions in various fields.

(  We provide easy finance schemes to students:


Loan Amount/ Interest Rate.

Max. Loan Amount

Repayment Tenure

State Bank of India (Base Rate- 9.70%)

Up to Rs.4 lakhs / 13.35% p.a (base rate + 3.65%) Between Rs.4 lakhs- Rs.7.5 lakhs / 13.60% p.a(base rate + 3.90%) Above Rs.7.5 lakhs / 11.60% p.a (base rate + 1.90%)

Studies in India- Rs.10 lakhs
Studies Abroad- Rs.30 lakhs

5-7 years

Axis Bank (Base Rate- 9.95%)

Upto Rs.4 lakhs / 16.95% p.a (base rate + 7.00%) Between Rs.4 lakhs- Rs.7.5 lakhs / 17.95% p.a (base rate + 8.00%) Above Rs.7.5 lakhs / 15.95% p.a (base rate + 6.00%)

Studies in India- Rs.10 lakhs
Studies Abroad- Rs.20 lakhs

Maximum 7 years

Punjab National Bank (Base Rate- 10.00%)

Upto Rs.4 lakhs / 12.00% p.a (base rate + 2.00%) Between Rs.4 lakhs- Rs.7.5 lakhs / 13.00% p.a(base rate + 3.00%) Above Rs.7.5 lakhs / 12.50% p.a (base rate + 2.50%)

Studies in India- Rs.10 lakhs

Loans upto Rs.7.5 lakhs : 10 years
Loans above Rs.7.5 lakhs : 15 years

Avanse Education Loan (Avanse Base Lending Rate- 11.50%)

Calculated individually based on course being pursued and the accompanying cost.

Minimum- Rs.50,000 Maximum- No Limit

Minimum Repayment Tenure- 12 months
Maximum Repayment Tenure- 120 months

Sr. No.

Things to Do


Confirm upon applicable educational course (University, location, costs, etc.)


Compare all available educational loans on BankBazaar.


Basic Documents to Keep Ready- Address, Age and Nationality Proof.


Attested Marks Cards- Starting from SSLC/10th Std.


Admission Letter as issued by the admitting School/College/Institute.


All essential documents that are issued by the admitting School/College/Institute, including prospectus and breakup of fees, etc.


Letter issued from admitting School/College/Institute that stipulates non-availability of hostel facility.


Income Proof- Bank statements (6 months), Salary slips (3 months) & ITR of Parent/Guarantor.


Income Proof- Bank statements (6 months), Salary slips (3 months) & ITR of Parent/Guarantor.


Studying Abroad- Employment Contract.


Studying Abroad- Entry Permit (Validity, issuing authority etc., must be noted).


Studying Abroad- Admission letter & I-20 form from Foreign Institution.


Studying Abroad- Passport & Visa.


Documents confirming upon the security/collateral.


Substantiating documents if immovable property is offered as security.


Affidavit confirming that NO education loans have been availed or defaulted on with regards to other banks or financial institutions.


If Employed- Resignation letter, Acceptance of Resignation letter or Sanction letter for study leave.

Documents Required to be Produced When Applying for an Education Loan

At the time of applying for the education loan, the lender in question will ask for a number of documents that can be furnished as the proof of your eligibility in terms of your academic status, the income of the family, Identity and address proof, course applied for, and other related factors.

Completed loan application form

Documents for proof of age (self-attested).

ID and Address proof.

Photographs of the passport size of the applicant, guarantor, etc.

Copies of highest academic qualification (graduation/post-graduation, etc.)

Documents for Income Proof (IT returns of parents/guarantor).

Bank statement of six months for an account held by applicant/parent/guarantor.

Details of collateral security identified by a Government approved valuer (if applicable).

Passport/Visa copy and airfare cost as furnished in documents (for studies abroad).



International Accreditations

EXIN with its legacy of 36 years has today evolved into a globally renowned institution of higher learning with a focus on globalization, entrepreneurship and employability. The EXINIANS after pursuing the course can leave their mark in the international forum. They are now settled as working professionals in different corners of the world. They have made a remarkable position for themselves in the professional world and EXINIANS’ are greatly sought after in the international arena.

Our students are holding the top position in renowned international agencies. If one goes through the top interior designers and fashion designers it will be found that they are alumni of this glorious institution.

Alike Mimi Madam of our Bangladesh Branch and so many more alumni are there. They have become a popular figures in Bangladesh and in so many other countries. They are a subject of admiration and respect by social media, corporate and politicians in Bangladesh and other countries.

Their enviable presence is a matter of pride for EXIN and it is due to the academic excellence of EXIN that she has been elevated to such a prominent position. 

Students can apply for scholarships in foreign universities and can also apply for admission credit transfer. Prior to college transfer, a student needs to be focused and detailed advising and counseling to identify the best-suited career goals for their future from an institution they attend.

 At EXIN, students get an opportunity to learn about the best global practices with the help of international platforms such as exchange programs, summer programs, art fests, workshops and many more. Providing constant national and global level exposure, EXIN mentors students and get them ready for both national and international market. 

The new age careers demand working in global setups. Global exposure helps in introducing young minds to global cultures, languages, values and people. Thereby, it helps students to evolve as global citizens who are ready to adapt to the global work environment.

EXIN encourages its students and faculty to get global exposure through collaboration with renowned higher education institutions in other parts of the world. Our extensive international tie-ups facilitate a large number of students each year to take part in reciprocal exchanges, international conferences, study tours and summer school programmes. 

After completing the program from here, students get a plethora of opportunities to pursue higher education abroad. Through various tie-ups with international agencies, it encourages its students to continue their education abroad in various renowned institutions.

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