Latest News :         IITians & KOTA teachers (who are having track records of more than thousands successful NEET-JEE 650+ crackers) joined Board of Council of EXIN for NEET-JEE foundation coaching         JOIN in the Fashion Workshop going to be held in 28th January,2023
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All candidates who have applied for admission shall be deemed to have submitted the following undertaking:

I have read all the rules of admission and after understanding these rules thoroughly, I have filled in the application form for admission for the current year

The information given by me in my application is true to the best of my knowledge.I understand that if any of the statements made by me in the application form is incorrect/false,my admission will be cancelled and fees forfeited.

I fully understand that the offer of a course will be made to me depending on my merit and availability of a seat at the time of scrutiny of my application.

I understand that no document after the last date of submission will be entertained for the purpose of claims / concessions / pertaining to scholarship.

I am fully aware that the competent authority or its representative will not make any correspondence with me regarding admission.I need to follow up.

I am aware that any rule imposed by the EXIN,such as imposing limits on the number of attempts permissible to pass any examination shall be binding on me.

I hereby agree to abide by any rules, acts and law enforced by EXIN on students for good behavior. I accordingly hereby state that I will do nothing, either inside or outside the campus, that may result in disciplinary action against me.

I fully understand that the competent authority of EXIN has the right to expel me from the campus for any infringement of the rules of conduct and discipline prescribed by the campus.

Condition of minimum attendance is binding on me. I am fully aware that, I will not be allowed to appear for any examination if I do not attend minimum 75% classes (theory and practical) as stipulated by the institute.I am also aware that I will not be allowed to appear for the examination, if I fail to submit all the assignments, jobs,journals and drawings,reports of site visits & internship sheets,projects,as specified by the EXIN within the stipulated time limit.

Leave admissible to students:On account of medical ground,against proper medical certificate,in addition to usual holidays is permissible to all students.

Registered medical officers/hospital authorities along with all medical reports thereof for 3 months course: 07 days (during the entire duration of course), for 6 months course: 10 days (during the entire duration of course),For 1 Yr to 3 yrs.,courses:15 days (per semester).

N.B:In case of Jaundice, pox & other infectious diseases,medical leave may be extended up to 21 days subject to submission of medical reports as evidence.

All Cheques and drafts should be paid in favour of "EXTERIORINTERIOR LTD." in India and Bangladesh;Fees are not refundable under any circumstances.Cash and outstation Cheque's are not accepted and the company bears no responsibility for such mode of payment.Jurisdiction of all disputes is limited to the courts at Calcutta for India and Dhaka for Bangladesh. Any disputes shall be first referred to arbitration,as per arbitration act of 1996 and its amendments or as applicable at the jurisdiction as defined above.All disputes, differences, controversies, claims and questions whatsoever arising out of and or related to,during the program period or thereafter between the organization and any student or students or their respective representatives touching upon or appertaining to the rules,terms or any clause contained in this prospectus or in any way relating to or arising from such engagement in the program / training course shall be referred for arbitration to a sole arbitrator as may be appointed by the management of the organization.

Such arbitration shall be in accordance with and subject to the provisions of the Indian arbitration and conciliation act 1996 as it shall stand on the date of reference.The seat of such arbitration shall be Kolkata in India and Dhaka in Bangladesh.It is expressly understood that any student taking admission under the organization's program agrees to be bound by this instant arbitration clause. I hereby declare that all the above statements are true. I have read the rules and regulations in this prospectus and have understood that the same constitutes a valid agreement. I hereby agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned in the prospectus and they are binding on me.I agree that the organization may allot any batch suitable to the organization and that I require waiting for a minimum quorum of 15 students to register in the commencement of the 1st batch.