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Why it’s the high time to have a perfect career-design ?

Present-day world reflects a unique competition and a global mentality-set for all the academicians and aspirants to reach the pinnacle of success. Students aspiring for a better future generally pursue their studies in the mainstream from board-level through 10+2 towards bachelor and master’s degrees from recognized universities with an expectation of getting placed in a reputed institution against a handsome salary. But in reality, there exists enormous pressure on   employment at the national level as the number of passed outs at all levels are increasing exponentially per year but not the employment opportunities at the same pace. For an example, A student can pursue polytechnic courses after graduation or can study bachelors and master’s degree, even some are found to pursue the preparation for government services after completing degree courses. From the career timeline, an investment of such a long time, huge labour, capital and perseverance is not paid back satisfactory by the three or four figured salary they are offered as the fresher professionals. This situation has now become an alarming crisis for the students that lead them towards an uncertainty of placements, dependency on the other family members for a long and most importantly the loss of years which also causes a depression and demotivation to the students’ aspirations.


EXIN as a revolutionary in Transforming Career Designs

v  EXIN has become the most preferred institution for last 36 years not only because of quality education and training but for the successful career designs harnessing the individual potential excellences of the students.

v  EXIN starts interacting with students from the school-level, discusses one-to-one on their potentials and draw-backs and counsel them to design most suitable and prosperous career paths for them.

v  EXIN aims at strengthening the platform of the career by teaching through the foundation courses offered for class VI to XII. After the completion of board level, EXINIANS can take admissions in the diploma, master-diploma, B. Voc. And M. Voc. Courses according to their choice of fields. EXIN holds a track-record of 36 years long 100% placements in national and global organizations with over 28,000 of alumnus placed worldwide with a six-figured pay scale or more. So, After 10+2, if a student enrolls for a professional skill training and development course, EXIN is able to set their career by the completion of the course within a short period of time assuring a lucrative salary by the placement partners. Even they are groomed to be industry-ready by paid-internships or by industry and site visits to get hands-on experiences and knowledge of the market-trends.  

v  Once they fall into the loop they can also avail financial supports primarily for their academics like scholarships and loan facilities and later on also for the investment capitals required by the entrepreneurs or soon-to-be entrepreneurs.


v  Apart from placements, EXINIANS as a part of the EXIN Community will get a membership of International Institute of Professionals, IIP and join a multidimensional income-employment generation drive where they can avail projects as freelancers, get recruiters as professional or unemployed and also can peer contacts and get staffs as entrepreneurs.


v  Even after getting hired, EXIN provides the entire support to the EXINIANS, willing to pursue their higher studies through Master-diploma or M.Voc courses simultaneously with flexible schedule of classes and financial assistance.