Latest News :         IITians & KOTA teachers (who are having track records of more than thousands successful NEET-JEE 650+ crackers) joined Board of Council of EXIN for NEET-JEE foundation coaching         JOIN in the Fashion Workshop going to be held in 28th January,2023
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EXIN is putting its seamless effort into building up a unique and innovative platform for expert & experienced professionals who will up-skill/re-skill budding professionals, transform un-skilled & semi-skilled into skilled professionals, ultimately converging them to multiskilled for grabbing the opportunity of multiple income generation mechanisms by developing the community and nurturing their activities.


It aims at becoming a talent pool of scholars & professionally driven cohesive fraternity of industry-corporate demanded human resources throughout the world & spearhead the change to a more sustainable world. This nodal organization aspires to be acclaimed as a one-stop window for good governance, corporate, and industries to fulfill their mentoring & leadership role in creating sustainable growth, wealth & happiness for all stakeholders of the country & society at large.


The modus operandi lies in bringing professionals under one umbrella to constitute a professional brain bank by a separate community network named the International Institute of Professionals (IIP) incorporated in the year 2012 under section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956.




Enhancement of skill competence of budding professionals for grabbing today`s opportunities and facing tomorrow`s challenges.


To understand the demand of the industries and corporate, spontaneous untired efforts are given for shaping the professional multi-skill & multitasking qualities,knowledge, exposure in the field of corporate leadership & good governance.


To set, maintain & advice on regulatory compliance to ensure professionalism among the members.


To keep updated about the current affairs, innovations, incubations, statutory laws & rules of the country.


To organize event, webinar, seminars, conferences, meetings, motivation lectures, industrial fairs, industry visit, on-job training, internship, and job-fair.


To organize and conduct vocational training, soft skill & employability training, leadership & self-employment training, EDP & handholding support, and many more.       

To organize and conduct Business Analysis, Financial Engineering, and commercial architecture.


To organize & conduct mutually beneficial community development & networking, multi-fold income opportunities, community health insurance, community asset insurance, community life insurance, community annuity, community pension, appointment of the nominee, community housing, etc..

To organize & conduct awareness programs, campaign for attracting donations, grants, CSR, fund, subsidy, etc.


To contribute the nation and the society at large for protecting global warming by afforestation, roof-top cultivation, application of bio-fertilizers & pesticide.


To eradicate un-employment & rural un-healthy economic conditions by spreading social entrepreneurship backed by handholding support exclusively based on local resources for tapping the global market, vocal for local, make in India, Atmanirvar Bharat movement.


To recognize, award, reward, by spontaneous skill competency mapping, grading, review & ratingand scope of publications in the journals.  


      To keep records of talents & achievement by talent-register.


To enjoy the facility of angel funding, venture capital, equity capital, borrowed capital, subsidized capital, interest subvention, secured and unsecured financing, etc. 


To enjoy the facility of third-party payroll management services including deployment of verified human resources.


To enjoy and deliver professional consultancy services.


To enjoy and deliver 360-degree health monitoring mechanism.


To enjoy and deliver booking facilities related to Tours & Travels, Hotels, Cabs, Restaurants,

Air/Train/Bus tickets etc.


To enjoy the facility of buying & selling of all the day-to-day household commodities, plant  & machinery, equipment & accessories, fruits & vegetables, assets & properties, via corporate to the customer, manufacturer to whole seller/retailer.


To enjoy the facilities of various info-entertainment, current affairs & forecast updates. 


To enjoy the facilities of corporate good governance, adverting services against affordable price. 


To enjoy the facilities of providing & grabbing the various professional services.