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Core Values

Look good, feel good and get more out of life worldwide and delivered consistently in a decor and friendly atmosphere.

Ensuring that delivery of the products is of outstanding quality, value for money, and instilling pride of ownership.


Quality Policy

To provide a quality program of education to develop professionals who would have a vision to drive, which will help to prepare them successfully to stand up to the competition.

To maintain quality is always the prime focus of every project, and quality processes strictly abide by ISO 9001 - 2008.

To satisfy the customer expectations as well as to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management Systems through planned efforts and involvement of all personnel.


Code Of Ethics

To conduct its business in ethical and legal principles.

To comply with Green policies in order to determine and establish a sustainable and clean environment.

To function as a PAN ASIA entity, to respect local laws, traditions, customs, and religious sentiments of the people.

To acquire an advancement of global knowledge and skills by bringing out industry-based education to its students and to create an environment where the growth of the learners is rightfully ensured.

To continue to provide an open creative environment for design training and research and development to further its practice and scholarship.





We respect human rights in all of our activities, including employees, customers, suppliers and the community.

To develop and maintain flexible working conditions to ensure a healthy work-life balance for employees.

To encourage the learning and personal development of employees.




To create a strategic plan that should be one of the first plans in a set of plans for any organization.

To lead and guide business plans, operations and project plans, budgets, cash flow plans, personnel management plans, and more.

To  achieve long-term corporate goals by focusing more than anything else on a formal and systematic strategic planning process takes an early stage.

To guide you through everything else in the strategic planning process. Each step in the strategic planning process is driven by reference to corporate objectives that express objective statements.

To aim at always evaluating possible strategic options which will lead to completion of development of strategic choices. The strategic planning process consists of monitoring the achievement of outcomes related to these objectives.




To look good, feel good, and get more out of life worldwide.

To deliver consistently in a décor and friendly atmosphere.

To ensure that delivery of the products is of outstanding quality, value for money, and instill pride of ownership.



To operate a profitable business. This usually means increasing revenue while keeping costs down.

To increase profitability is our only motto.

To develop new markets, products or services.

To reduce unnecessary costs, change suppliers or increase prices.

To create a clear understanding of all employees and be flexible enough to change and adapt to market  conditions.




To improve existing processes by improving efficiency.

To increase productivity without compromising quality.

To include the Pursuit of Excellence.

To hold participation in achieving results through effective teamwork.

To provide innovations with the latest technology.

To vigilant to reduce product defects, waste and customer dissatisfaction.

To get implementation of the Six Sigma initiative, a quality management methodology.



To gain market share often requires targeting new segments.

To use new marketing techniques to reach new demographics of young people.

To use social media technologies to promote products and services.

To influence expansion of  market presence by designing, developing and offering new and innovative designs.




To ensure that employee satisfaction contributes to productivity.

To demonstrate commitment to the employees.

To develop a variety of skills and conduct their process of development.

To accelerate implementation of organizational development programmes.

To include training, events, and resources to help employees develop job skills.

To build cultural trust to strengthen collaboration.

To respect everyone ultimately improves employee retention.




To emphasize a commitment to the community.

To do business with a responsibility to be an asset, not a liability.

To have the aspiration for the improvement of the environmental performance of the tools and technology.

To use in its facilities, by its customers, and by its suppliers.

To have faith on the Short-term goals that address  problems of today.

To believe that long-term goals help to prepare for the future.



Customer Service

To develop a perception that it is easy to do business with.

To improve its response time to customer complaints by increasing full attention to customer service.

To motivate all the staff members and also associate workforces by the end of every month.



To give always thrust on priority to improve retention by developing and implementing a training program that details new-hire activities for the first 90 days on the job, one-on-one meetings with the employees with a focus to build rapport.

To empower youth by building employment capability.

To impart value-based quality education by way of skill-enhancing training.

To create and provide a collaborative and mentor-driven environment for nurturing ideas.

To create new and wide frontiers of knowledge and structurize entrepreneurial ideas.

To provide a system and an ecosystem to nurture, establish and grow.