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Difference between Interior Designing And Interior Decoration


Interior designing and interior decoration may sound almost same. Even the dictionary does not claim much differentiation between the two words. Layman may be unaware of the fact and be easily misguided. Although technically both these terms are overlapping but in reality, they are different in a number of ways. Designers may be apt or be equally efficient in decorating, but decorators are not trained to be designers.

An interior designer is actually appointed to serve on a wide range of fields starting from their assistance in construction, to the floor area and even the positioning of rooms for various purposes. On the other hand, interior decorators help to decorate one’s house in coordination of one’s mood and status, that best reflects his or her personality. One of the most popular questions raised is, what an interior decorators salary is or the difference between the salaries of an interior decorator or designer. These questions can be well answered by the professionals of this field or the popular sites, with the write ups on interior designers vs. interior decorators’ salary. However, before going into such intricate questions, a student aspiring to be in this field must have a sound knowledge of what it takes to be an interior designer, or what is an interior stylist. They must also be made aware of the basic facts like, what interior decorator is, and what the difference between interior designer and architect is. The advantages of being an interior designer is far more than an interior decorator starting from salary, demands, and even honour and prestige.

Both the professions, whether it is designer or decorator, they take a wide range of well nurtured skills as well as a proper training in both these fields along with practical study. Both designers and decorators work in various new as well as semi-constructed projects. The decorators working in new home construction help clients select the area, dimension and positioning of the structures to be built. Whereas a decorator can only help with the arrangements of equipments and accessories fitted in the proper place, and having proper colours.

EXIN, one of the best institutes of interior designing and decorations, specializes in both these areas and provides professional courses on them, producing highly qualified and efficient professionals. So, if you are looking to establish yourself as an interior designer or decorator, then EXIN may be the correct platform.



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