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What Now After Getting Your Interior Designing Certificate?

What Now After Getting Your Interior Designing Certificate?


You found one of the best interior designing colleges in India. You complete the course there (and also made plenty of fun memories!) WHAT NOW?

How should your career pan out from there?

What should you do next after getting your certification to steer your career to newer heights?

We’ve got you covered here! ;)

1. Get a relevant job (Duh!)

Today, the demand for qualified interior designers is quite high.

So, if you have completed your interior design course in Kolkata from a good institute that maintains good market credibility, and if you know where to look for the right job - you can easily find many employment opportunities.

Moreover, many institutes today provide placement assistance. Yours might too - making finding a good job much easier.

Get a job, start from the bottom, climb to the top of the ladder patiently and with hard work.

This is a standard path many graduates take. It’s safer and convenient.

2. Start your own interior design business

If you’ve got the entrepreneurial tendencies, starting your own business might be a good step.
Foremost, complete all the legal requirements of incorporating a company. Next, get your brand’s digital presence in place. Build a team. Build your portfolio - even if it means working for a few clients for free. Start networking. And then go on to find and work for good clients.

(Note: Don’t rush to start your business though. Think thoroughly to be certain that you can indeed run a business. It entails risk and demands hard work. Do you have the appetite for that?! Not everyone can be an entrepreneur.)

3. You can teach other people

In recent times, with e-learning industry booming, more and more interior design graduates are steering this way.

Instead of getting a job or starting your own business, you can leverage your skills to teach other aspiring students. You can create an online course, which is easier than ever, and train others.

In addition, you can even bag a teaching job in a good institute if you have a good portfolio.

4. Study more for specialization

If you really want to climb to the top of the ladder, you might need more qualification.

As an interior designer, you can specialize in select segments – residential interiors, commercial, healthcare facility, kitchen, living room, more.

So, after completing your interior design course in Kolkata, you can further continue your traditional learning path by opting for specialized programs.

Specific concentration in one or two segments can unlock you many high-paying opportunities.

5. Grow. Grow. And grow some more!

This is the cornerstone of a successful career in any field – be it interior designing or fashion.
So, no matter how qualified do you think you are or how experienced you feel – if you want your career to move forward, you’ve got to invest in yourself to grow. And this is only possible when you’re proactively learning – both on the professional and personal ends.

In short, along the line, focus on yourself. Strive to grow every day.


These are five things you can do after you complete your interior design course in Kolkata.

If you’ve graduated from a good institute, you would likely be job-ready. However, aside from applying for jobs, there are many other things you can do. So, take your time, think thoroughly and take the next step after considering all the various factors.