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It’s Easier (Than Ever) To Become Fashion Designer – But Here’s The Problem

It’s Easier (Than Ever) To Become Fashion Designer – But Here’s The Problem


The online publications make fashion designers look to be having a glam-fest every day with an extraordinary lifestyle.

And this picture has sold the idea of a career in fashion designing to millions of students.

It’s a big misconception. And there are plenty more. Read : 5 Misconceptions About Being A Fashion Designer

Today, becoming a fashion designer is quite easy. There are countless online fashion designing course or programs, seamless DIY resources and plenty of networking opportunities.

But here’s the biggest punch line: Becoming a successful fashion designer is far from being easy.

Yes, the demand for these professionals remains high and their median salary continues to soar to newer heights.

But the path to get to the top has become a lot harder. Moreover, tapping on bigger, better and dream-like opportunities has gotten difficult. The recruiters are more demanding than ever, looking for highly proficient and well-rounded professionals – to that, at a low salary in the entry positions.

The entrepreneurial path, too, has gotten quite crowded for fashion designers. Besides, running a business requires more than just technical skills related to the field. It demands you to have entrepreneurial tendencies and leadership skills, which many new professionals, in the absence of real corporate experience, lack.

If you’re planning to have a successful career in fashion designing, while as great as that choice is, you must also tread the water carefully.

It is appealing. But the path to the top of the mountain is difficult. You’ve got to put in more effort – and be more strategic in your career growth.

It begins by picking the right fashion designing institute in Kolkata that doesn’t just offer placement assistance but also has a good market reputation. The reputation of the college you graduate from is very important today; it adds more credibility to your portfolio.

Next up, after finishing your course, you must spend significant time working for different individuals and organizations – even if the pay isn’t per your expectations. It is needed to enable you with the right experience of how the industry works from inside.

Once with enough experience, you can either steer your direction to launching your own business or applying to work for your dream companies.

All the while, networking with relevant industry people should be an integral part of your career growth efforts. You must regularly interact and communicate with other professionals in your field. This would open you plenty of newer opportunities, accelerating your growth.

Of course, there are plenty of other factors that need to be considered to become a successful fashion designer at a time when getting your formal qualification and putting “fashion designer” in social media bio is so easy.

Add to that the affordable fashion designer course fees in Kolkata, which has made the cost of entry for the students so much cheaper and competition so higher.

So, if you *really* want to become a successful fashion designer, don’t let the mainstream perception sways you in the wrong direction.

There has never been a more lucrative time to become a fashion designer. But then that doesn’t mean it’s easier to get to the top.