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Three Questions Every Aspiring Interior Designer Must Ask

Three Questions Every Aspiring Interior Designer Must Ask


A career is only successful if, first, it’s well-thought through. You simply cannot look at others, read of a few articles online, and follow the crowd. After all, your needs, preferences, and goals are unique. And so should your choice and path.

So, if you’re an aspiring interior designer, you must be certain of that path before you make any time and financial commitment. Here are three crucial questions that you must ask yourself:

1. “Do I really want to be an interior designer?”

You might say “yes” instinctively but this is a question that must be pondered on thoroughly.

In recent times, interior designing has emerged to be one of the hottest career attractions, courtesy of higher demand, improving salary margin and approval of so many celebrities and influencers.

This has shaped the culture in a way where everyone wants to be an interior designer. In reality, that might not necessarily be their true calling.

So, you must answer this question in all honesty. Do you like designing? Do you have a knack for creativity? Or is there something else that you prefer more?

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2. “What do I want to specialize in?”

There are many specializations in interior designing.

Popular concentration areas include interior landscaping, accessory designing, lighting and visual, commercial design, health-care facilities design, sustainable design, kitchen design, and residential design.

Of course, specializing in certain areas add more credibility to your portfolio, making you an expert and improving your prospect of higher pay.

So, before you make the jump in the scene, you must know your exact career goals. In which direction do you want to move ahead; which area interests you the most; where do you see more prospects.

3. “Which college is the right one for me?”

At least today, this is an important factor because recruiters are more considerate of the kind of college you’ve graduated from. Meaning, the name of your college plays an important role in building your portfolio. The better the college, the stronger your portfolio will look.

So, after you’ve really decided to venture into the interior designing career, you must pick the right institute and interior decoration course in Kolkata, India.

Sure, factor interior design courses fees and the faculty members. But, at the same time, also consider the brand value of the college or institute, as well as its placement track record.


These are three key questions that aspiring interior designers must ask themselves before committing any money and time on this career path.

Of course, there’s plenty more to consider and a lot to take care of if you are to build a successful career, including having the right networking skills and seizing the small opportunities.