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The Things You Got Wrong About Being An Interior Designer

The Things You Got Wrong About Being An Interior Designer


You want to make a career in interior designing. Kudos! But the problem is that your dreams and expectations are shaped by the mainstream narratives. While not all are wrong, some of them are certainly misplaced.

Many students believe interior designing to be quite easy – and that just the creativity is sufficient to get them to the top of the career ladder. It’s not very difficult, yes. And yes, creativity does play a very crucial role. However, there’s much more to being an interior designer.

For example, as a designer, you would have to play with more than just the fabric swatches and furniture positioning. Your primary role would be to make spaces more functional, beautiful and safe. This includes juggling with many tasks and coordinating with many people. In addition, the type of space it is would pose its own challenges.

Remember, a good interior design college in Kolkata would teach you more than just about color schemes and patterns.

With multiple ends to deal with, creativity will help you only so much. You would need to bring out your different technical and interpersonal skills – be it picking the right furniture that suits the core style or managing a team of workers.

To that, interior designing a basic space is decently easy. However, when it comes to handling posh, luxury properties, it demands a higher level of ingenuity and critical thinking, which would come not just from completing an interior decoration course in Kolkata but it also demands extensive hands-on experience.

In addition, one must also realize that while the median salary of the interior designers is increasing – and that there exist many entrepreneurial opportunities for them – the real money is with the high-end clients. If you’re looking for the dream-like returns, you want bigger projects of upscale properties.

Of course, bagging such projects is easier said done. No client would want to hire a complete beginner. To be qualified, you would need enough experience and a solid portfolio. Also, most importantly, it needs you to be good at networking. You must consistently engage with key people in your industry. Good relations with resourceful individuals who have wide reach can help you discover many otherwise hidden opportunities.

Indeed, there are a few other misconceptions about being an interior designer. However, that by no mean should put you off your ambitions. There has never been a better time than today to pursue a career in interior designing. Opportunities are in abundance. The return is high. To that, interior design courses fees in Kolkata have become more affordable, which has made the cost of entry in the industry very low.

The important thing to note is that to be a successful interior designer, you need to put in a great deal of hard work and effort. You must be strategic about your career growth. And, above all, you must constantly invest in your personal and professional self to learn and grow.