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How To Find The Best Interior Design College?

How To Find The Best Interior Design College?


The flight of your career relies extensively on the kind of college you’re graduated from. And this is just as much about the college’s brand mention on your portfolio as the quality of its education. So, if you’re looking to crave for you a successful and fulfilling career as an interior designer, you must be quite selective and careful in the college you choose.

Now, of course, this isn’t too complex of a task – but it’s quite a challenge still, at a time, when there exist so many institutes claiming to be the best. To help you get your foot in the right direction, here are four tips on how to find the right interior design college in Kolkata, India:

  1. Outline Your Career Goals - “I want to be an interior designer” is quite a vague career goal, don’t you think? You must know exactly what you want to do in the future; what do you want to specialize in, the possibility of starting your own business, becoming a teacher yourself, more. The more you know about the end destination, the better decision you will make in picking your paths. 
  2. Go Beyond Google - Doing a basic Google search isn’t equivalent to research. You must go beyond just searching for “best college” and “fashion designer course fees in Kolkata”. You must talk to different people, read reviews, join conversation in forums, call and talk to the people in different colleges, and even visit the campuses. Yes, this will take a bit of time and effort. But it also assures you of picking the right interior design college.
  3. Check The Faculty - A college is much more than just its campus. The quality of its education and your overall learning experience depends a lot on the kind of faculty it has. So, before finalizing on any one college, make sure you have factored well its faculty members; who are they, are they qualified enough, do they have the right experience and expertise, what do the past students think about them, and so forth. 
  4. Placement Assistance - You don’t want to end up graduate but still unemployed – a problem that millions of students are struggling with. After completing your course, you want a pool of job opportunities in front of you. This is why you must pick a college that not only says it offers placement assistance but also has a track record of 100 percent placement assistance. Make sure you’re assured of a good job after the successful completion of your course. 
These are four tips to help you find a good interior design college in Kolkata, India. Enroll in a good college and see your career take a high flight of success.