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Becoming An Interior Designer: 5 Things You MUST Know

Becoming An Interior Designer: 5 Things You MUST Know


Once reserved only for the fanatics, the creative field is now finally getting the preference and recognition over other streams. More students, today, want to be interior designers, among various artistic career choices.

Talking about interior designing, the field has seen a massive surge in popularity in recent times. In part, due to celebrities vouching for it and, in part, owing to the rising market demand and, hence, the financial rewards.

That said, rushing to pick it as your career isn’t fitting. If you want to be an interior designer, here are 5 things you must know:

1. You need a degree from a good institute

This is very important. Your career growth and the opportunities you see are directly proportionate to the value your degree carries.

So, you’ve got to complete interior decorating courses from an institute that’s well recognized in the market for its quality education and the designers it produces.

Here, take your time to do research. Pick a credible institute whose interior design courses fees are low and quality is high; an institute that has good faculty and provides placement assistance.

2. Your communication skill must be good

You will have to work with the clients closely. You will have to listen to them, understand their ideas, share your own expertise and make deals.

This entire process requires you to be smooth and empathetic in communication. Because you will always come across people who, even after an exceptional work on your part, would have complaints. At such time, you would need to be good at communication to effectively tackle the situation.

Besides, it is your communication skill that will come into play when closing new deals.

So, it’s very important that you’re good at talking.

3. It demands creativity

This goes without saying: interior designing requires high creativity. If you aren’t naturally creative, get involved in activities that promote your artistic abilities.

Read books. Talk to other designers. See new things. Experience more.

4. Big rewards are at the top of the ladder

As mentioned, the demand for interior designers is on the rise. The prospect is high. However, at the entry level, the income of these professionals remain, at best, average to other streams.

So, you cannot expect high payroll in the first few years of your career, unless you can bag high profile individuals or corporate clients.

Once you have enough experience and a solid portfolio, you can stride to unlock higher pay and greater rewards. 
Meaning, as an interior designer, you must have enough patience to climb the ladder from the very bottom.

5.Opportunities are MANY. But...

You’ve got to be good at your craft.

This is true just like in any career stream. Unless you’re good at interior designing, you won’t succeed. Period.

The foremost step here is getting trained/educated from a good institute. Next, you must work and gain as much experience as possible. Third, you must proactively invest in your skills.

Growing yourself as an interior designer requires efforts. And these efforts are essential if you want more opportunities and seamless career growth.


These are five things you should know if you want to become an interior designer.

We are living in one of the best times to build a career in creative. And as we move forward, this merit will only get more power, paving more opportunities for people who are into art.

So, if you genuinely love design, things couldn’t have been more favorable for your career.