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Interior architecture has become popular due to the large scope and responsibilities of interior designers in modern times due to improvements in design technology (CAD) and advancement in interior design education. The role of any two different interior designers may vary drastically. Whereas one can be more concerned with décor and soft furnishings and another may be more concerned with the technical aspects. The latter comes under the scope of interior architecture .The field of interior architecture requires designers to consider the building of an interior space that will affect human habitation, including materials, finishes, electrical requirements, plumbing, lighting, ventilation, ergonomics, and intelligent use of space. The changing needs of modern society have made more prominent the role of the architecturally aware interior designer. In retail, a building is often redesigned on the interior only, with the outer side of the building is remaining unchanged. EXIN lays emphasis on training the students about the structural technical elements of buildings. Students acquire knowledge about technical elements, such as CAD and structural design. They must be aesthetic and have a fantastic eye for interior design trends and aesthetic detail. All interior designers, even those trained as interior architects are taught the necessary skills in the art of interior decoration in order to complete their job properly. The interior design course exposes students about relevant facts relating to design history, material concepts, colour, texture and surface knowledge, spatial scale and detail, visual and digital representation techniques, sustainable materials, lighting design, entrepreneurship and professional practice. Students of EXIN are taught, how to do hand drawings, model making and rendering. Exin provides students a platform to explore, discover and learn the craft hands-on via field trips, and other interactive opportunities. Students can explore a number of career paths, which includes styling, retail designing and visual merchandising.