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5 Things Successful Fashion Designers Want You To Know

5 Things Successful Fashion Designers Want You To Know


Before you dream any bigger, it’s fairly a good idea to hear from those who have walked the path you want to walk on.

So, before you enroll in a fashion designing course in Kolkata and take another step, here are five things successful fashion designers would want you to know about making a career in this field : 

1. It’s Not Glamorous

Thanks to the perception created by the mainstream, many aspirants believe that being a fashion designer is all about having a glamorous life. It’s not true.

There’s a lot of hard work involved.

Sure, you might get invited to the parties here and there. But a large part of the lifestyle that you dream of will come, if it does, only at the later stage of your life. Before that, you’ve got to work hard on diverse projects and dealing with different clients.

2. Money Won’t Pour In From The Go

The median salary of fashion designers continues to sour high. Financially, there has never been a better time to make a career in the field.

However, big rewards won’t start pouring in right after you complete your diploma courses after 12th. It will take time.

Your early jobs at entry-level positions won’t bring you a lot of money. The pay might even be below-par depending on various factors.

Once you’ve passed that threshold and have adequate experience under your belt, only then will you start finding high-return opportunities.

3. Networking Is The Most Important Thing

Making connections is very important in this field.

You must network with relevant people in the industry – get to know them closely.

This will open you plenty of otherwise hidden opportunities.

Moreover, to get to the top of the ladder as a fashion designer, you’re going to need the right people by your side.

4. It’s A Lot Of Hard Work

As mentioned already, fashion designing is hard work. It’s much more than just getting the fabric and color schemes right.

You’ve got to be proficient in the technical end. You must be creative enough. Your soft skills like communication and leadership would matter big time.

So, just because the cost of entry is cheaper now with affordable fashion designer course fees in Kolkata, don’t assume the ride ahead is easy.

5. The Reputation Of The Institute Matters

Where you get your certification or diploma from matters a lot today! The reputation of the institute can add value to your portfolio, helping you get considered by the recruiters better.

You’ve got to find the right college that enjoys good market credibility – a college that’s recognized by the recruiters; a college that offers placement assistance.

Graduating from the right institute and wits the right degree can put you ahead in the line of aspirants.


These are five things successful fashion designers want you to know before you commit to this career path.

That said, the upward trend in the industry suggests more opportunities and higher returns for fashion designers.

So, if you’re planning to explore a career in fashion designing, there couldn’t be a better time than now.