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5 Misconceptions About Being A Fashion Designer

5 Misconceptions About Being A Fashion Designer


You saw your favorite celebrity fashion designer on Instagram – and you can’t help but romanticize her lifestyle. That’s how career aspirations are built these days. Some draw inspiration from successful examples; others simply want to replicate those examples.

Irrespective of how you have come to this point, the fact is that you want to be a fashion designer. KUDOS! But, now take a pause here. Before you go about researching on good institutes and possible fashion designer course fees, there are a few things you must sort out.

The industry is filled with many misconceptions. The students who jump in the scene come with rather unrealistic and flawed ideas. And there’s a good chance you’re one of those “students”. To help you get started with the right mindset, here are 5 misconceptions about being a fashion designer you should not fall for:

1. You Need To Have Sources

Not really! You can enter the fashion industry with virtually no connection and still find enough opportunities. Sure, knowing people and having sources can help – but it’s not necessary. So, do not believe otherwise. It’s okay if you don’t know people in the industry. Find an entry position and then climb to the top of the ladder based on merits and not sources.

2. It’s Very Glamorous

NAH!! Yes, those Instagram pictures and magazine stories might tell you one thing. But the reality is completely different. At large, the glamour you see is just posturing; to the least, it’s something you shouldn’t expect in the first few years of your professional life.

Just like in any career, the work is difficult. Irrespective of your role or position, you’re going to have to work very hard and for long stretches. So, don’t think you’ll get to attend cocktail parties and hangout with rich people every other day.

3. Industry People Are Mean

You might come across a few people who might not be nice to you. But that’s the story of every profession. There are bad seeds everywhere. Truth is, in the fashion industry, you will meet some of the most wonderful and creative people; people who will be more than willing to help you. Some of them will even become your best friends.

Sadly, film industries and sensational news articles have created a very unfair perception of the industry.

4. You Must Be Naturally Creative

Yes, if you want to be a fashion designer, you must be creative. However, you don’t have to be a “natural”. Creative ideas and concepts don’t have to naturally pour on you. You simply have to find them; you have to look for inspiration while researching magazines, articles, boutiques and other sources. That’s what the top fashion designers do.

So, simmer down if you aren’t a natural creative – you don’t have to.

5. Starting A Business Is Expensive

It was expensive. But thanks to the internet, it’s more affordable than ever. You just need to have a proactive nature, good networking skills, and a proper business plan.

With just a website you can start a business. You can use social media to get clients and build a portfolio. And once your business starts getting traction, you now do the legal formalities of incorporating the business, hire more people, and build up a good workplace.

Remember, today, starting a fashion designing business is cost-effective. A strategic and well-thought plan is the biggest determinant of success – and not money.


These are five misconceptions about being a fashion designer.

Do not believe the misplaced information and perception. Fashion designing career is as incredible and lucrative as it gets – more so today than ever when opportunities are in abundance. But it’s important that you enter the game with the right ideas. This is just as true for interior designing.

Once you’ve wrapped your head around the reality, go on to find a good institute, do some research on the fashion or interior design courses fees in Kolkata, and then make your pick.