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Exterior Interior LtdTraining Partner

EXIN is one of India’s leading creative institutions and its legacy as a creative powerhouse has been further strengthened by its association with National Skill Development Agency (NSDC) and National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT)

EXIN has had the privilege to be the training partner of NSDC, an autonomous body under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India, which coordinates and harmonizes the skill development efforts of the Indian government and the private sector to achieve the skilling targets of the 12th Plan document and beyond. The NSDA plays a pivotal role in bridging the social, regional, gender and economic divide by ensuring that the skilling needs of the disadvantaged and marginalized groups like SCs, STs, OBCs, minorities, women and differently-abled persons are taken care of through the various skill development programmes and also by taking affirmative actions as part of advocacy.

NSDC plays the main role in skill development by funding the enterprises, companies and organizations that provide the trainings for skill development. The main aim of NSDC is to develop low cost but quality business models, attract significant private investments, circulating of funds like loan or equity rather than grant, create leverage for itself, build a strong corpus. Over the past six years the 290 training partners of NSDC have trained over 9 million people across 31 sectors and have been successful in delivered their skilled workers to fill up the vacant spaces of the various private companies, being funded by it.

EXIN also has the honor of being the training partner of NCVT. The council functions as the advisory head to the Government of India in framing the training policy and coordinating vocational training throughout India. The main functions of the council includes a large amount of areas like, establishing and awarding national trade certificates to various engineering and non-engineering trades, prescribe the standard of syllabi, duration of courses, and methods of training. Apart from this they also have major roles to play in arranging of trade tests, arranging periodical inspections in institutions, recognize institutions either run by the government or privately for the purpose of granting certificates. They are also responsible for advising the council in its work. NCVT is also functional in mentioning the required qualifications of the technical staffs as well as the required standards and conditions of eligibility for the award of National Trade Certificates.