Finishing School of Design and Research since 1986

Portfolio 2016

Kaushik Guha


Vaastu Basic

Where ‘Land meets Sea’, it is where the ocean crashes relentlessly against the boundaries of the land, and where life continuously moves with the rhythmic rise and fall of the tides. The contrasting nature of the two bodies where the land is flat and static and the sea has a flow and movement to it has been taken forward as a concept to create ensembles where the focus remains in bringing out the entire feel of the moment widely through weaved textures and earthy colors. Experimental weaving techniques with varied yarns have been used to create an uneven tactile surface that provides depth and gives an overall rustic look bringing out the essence of land and sea. The collection remains a ready to wear line wherein each ensemble is comprised of separates that can be teamed with other pieces to create a variety in looks.