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Exterior Interior LtdObjective

“EXIN’s strategic plan is to be one right at the top of any organization’s set of plans. It precedes and guides the business plans, the operational and project plans, the budgets and cash flow plans, human resources plans, and so on.

EXIN’s long-range corporate objectives are ahead of early step focussing in the formal systematic strategic planning process in comparison to others.

EXIN can guide everything else in the strategic planning process. Each stage of the strategic planning process is governed by reference to the corporate objectives that express the statement of purpose.

EXIN’s aims or objectives are always before the generation of strategic options which, in turn, be always completed before the evaluation of possible strategic choices. EXIN’s strategic planning process is monitoring achievement of the results related to these objectives.


EXIN is to run a profitable operation, which typically means increasing revenue, while limiting expenses. Improving profitability is the only goal of EXIN. EXIN’s goals are always reflecting the general statements about, what the business wants to achieve includes details about the business and aligns its actions with the EXIN’s mission and values by developing new markets, products or services, reducing unnecessary costs, changing suppliers or raising prices. Clearly it has been understood by all employees who are flexible enough with the changing market conditions, and accordingly, adjust themselves.


EXIN is always increasing market share, and often involves in targeting new audiences, such as younger customers by reaching out to a new demographic, which may also involve using new marketing techniques by promoting its products and services, using social media technology, by expanding its market presence by designing, developing and delivering new and innovative design, education & training and productivity etc.


EXIN recognizes that employee satisfaction contributes to productivity, demonstrate a commitment to the workforce by conducting various skill development and organizational development programs, which includes training courses, events and resources, helping employees to develop professional skills and enhance collaboration, creating a culture based trust and respect for all, which ultimately improves employee retention rates, reduces absenteeism and increases the morale of employees.


EXIN has a commitment to the community. EXIN do the business with full responsibility, which is an asset, not a liability. EXIN aspires to improve the environmental performance of the tools and technology used in its facilities by its customers and by its suppliers. EXIN believes that short-term goals address today’s problems and long-term goals prepare for the future.