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Exterior Interior LtdMembership

Membership plays an important role for any educational institute. Memberships are of various forms like professional, institutional, social and educational. All of this varied memberships play various roles some enrich the quality of studies, some broaden the field of experience while some add recreation along with education.

Every institution is members of certain groups and bodies according to their requirements and field of work. This membership affects and adds value to both the institution as well as the student. The student on one hand gets the taste of wide range of things starting from their industrial experience, to experience of working with various companies, how things work in the job market and even how recreation is important along with work. One the other hand institutions are equally benefitted when their students are globally placed the institutions get a worldwide recognition and promotion which makes it the most desired institution for the students.

EXIN which is also one of the best institutions of the world with its rank in the top list of interior designing, fashion designing, jewellery designing, automobile designing etc. is also not devoid of memberships and it is through its varied memberships within the span of 31 years EXIN has managed to reach the top. EXIN holds its professional membership with groups like The Institution Of Engineers (India), All India Management Association (AIMI), Indian Council Of Arbitration etc. EXIN is also the member of various institutes Like Indian Institute Of Interior Designer, Interior Design Educator, National Council For Interior Design, etc. EXIN is also an active participant of various social clubs like Rotary Club, Lions Club, Calcutta Sports Association, etc. apart from this EXIN is member with different international bodies like American Society Of Interior Designer, International Interior Design Association, Textile Fabric Consultants Limited, etc.

All this membership has not only added colors to the world of EXIN over the years but has equally made the EXINians proud. The students of EXINS have and had the privilege to be part of international conference, seminars and internship programs which helped them to nourish their talents and frame their ideas in a broader aspect. The memberships had even widened the job prospects of the students trained from here due to various industry connections. As the students find their place with the best companies worldwide EXIN becomes more appealing and the first choice for all aspirers.