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Exterior Interior LtdEXIN Social Responsibility

Exterior Interior Limited is keen about investing time and effort on its people. The students get engaged in various creative workshops. As a result of this, students were taken to Indian Agricultural Research Centre to participate in a campaign called “Dutiful Citizen of the country. They planted 200 saplings for saving environment and going eco-friendly. There were 100 foundation students and some faculty members, who also took part in this event.

The Jatiya Youth Development Society (JYDS) is a registered charity foundation, which is dedicated for the lives of disadvantaged rural youth through the weapon of education. Over there, the children are taught to be socially responsible, and preserve the environment by adopting eco-friendly measures. Ten students from JYDS have been selected to study at EXIN after their Class 12. Expenditure of these students including their Fee, hostel charges and monthly pocket money and other miscellaneous expenditure of these students will be provided by EXIN. After pursuing graduation,they will be productively employed by the industry. These students will go back to their school and contribute towards the development of other students in the school as well.

Students and Faculty volunteers of EXIN are engaged with a project named “Women power”, which is a part of women empowerment cell of JYDS. It is dedicated to enhancing the lives of the disadvantaged women of the Community by empowering them.

Under this initiative ‘Change Rural Lives’, EXIN will sponsor 100 students, who are in Class V. This sponsorship will cover all the expenses for every child in this class for a year. These children are from very poor families, who live in the villages. They can’t afford to have quality education and are unable to access proper opportunities for good tutoring. Sponsorship provided by EXIN for these 100 students will take care of their academic performance, physical fitness, uniforms, field trips, dance, music, yoga, sports and learning resources.


KIMT conducted its development activities in Hooghly district of West Bengal.

A review of activities, organized according to the program, makes up the major part of this report which includes account of KIMT institutional development including administration, funding, and human resources. 

Annual Activity Report for 2012-13

Age Care programme:

A primary health camp was organised during August in 2012-13, where the following services were provided to the elderly marginalized citizens: 
General Medical Checkup
Eye Checkup
Voluntary Blood Donation Multifaceted Awareness Campaign
They also did programs in Voluntary Blood Donation, Medical Campaign along with awareness activities about Health and Environmental Hazards and their prevention, Low cost Nutritive balanced diet, Prevention of Communicable Disease, Benefits of Adulthood marriage, Hospital Delivery and Scientific treatment of diseases, Income etc .

Holiday Camp:

The Holiday Camp was launched typically for a period of 1 month during the Summer and for 1 month during the Winter, where local participants attended camps from early morning till evening. Participants were mobilized from all over the districts, who were taught different things effectively. They were provided with breakfast, lunch and evening snacks. Youth and children were motivated to come to these camps by taking the help of local panchayats. The camp was organized mainly on the lines of Summer Camp, a fun way of learning experience about different facets of life for the Youth and Children. Here, different methods were adopted to improve the learning level over the period covering topics like: a) Know your State and country, b) Know your past history, c) hygiene awareness, d) Awareness about healthy food,sanitation and living, e) Training about cooking of simple meal, f) Training on basic survival techniques etc. Annual Activity report 2013-14

Awareness Generation Program:

EXIN’s Awareness activities work to educate youth on village schemes, Land Laws, the Panchayat (village council) system, and gender issue. These help to lessen feelings of powerlessness, and encourage them to participate in social development. Major Activities Youth Awareness Training Programs: • 12 exposure visits were conducted, in which 195 boys and 24 girls participated • 126 awareness programs were organized, in which 3515 boys and 1050 girls participated • 7 sports programs were conducted with 123 boys and 51 girls from Youth Forums: • There are 1521 members in the youth forum, which includes 1196 boys and 325 girls • 16 sporting events were held • 114 programs have been held to create awareness about employment opportunities – 1765 boys and 1210 girls participated in these events • Anti-Addiction Campaigns- 51 programs were conducted relating to addiction – 1023 boys and 378 girls participated in these events. 

Women Empowerment: 

A workshop “Women Leading the Way to Culture of Peace” was organized by GIMT. The workshop, on women’s rights, was conducted jointly by a committee of experienced women’s rights activist volunteers and experienced GIMT staff. EXIN believes that this will surely go a long way in improving the conditions of women in rural areas and work for their upliftment. 

Annual Activity Report 2015-16 

Training program of CBO/NGO: 

Major Activities on Surveying of Villages: 

Total 334 villages were surveyed dealing with topics such as housing, water access and minimum wage enforcement.

81 training programs were conducted to help people deal with local issues. 103 women, 287 men, and 329 children were associated with the trainings.

Conducted 16 rallies in different villages for the eradication of social discrimination along with women self-help groups.

Programs on Discrimination Practices: Conducted 15 programs in villages on gender discrimination practices.

Minimum Wage Program: 24 training programs were conducted regarding farm labour issues. 570 members in the labour union from villages (189 women and 381 men) participated in these trainings.

Workshop conducted on awareness generation on the necessity of creation of public roads in different villages.

Educational assistance to SC, ST & OBC girl children:

In order to offer educational assistance to SC, ST & OBC girl children, GIMT has organized many programs for promotion of education by arranging free distribution of large number of magazines, books, school bags and school uniforms, various slideshows showcasing the necessity of formal and informal education, organizing special workshops for creating awareness about health and hygiene and disadvantages of early marriage, advantages of balanced diet and nutrition etc. We have been thoroughly successful in playing the role of a catalyst in mobilizing and empowering the marginalized communities. By the aid of a wide gamut of programs and activities, the root causes of issues like poverty, deprivation, exploitation and abuse that obstruct the development of the society has been successfully addressed. The programs have been crucial for the marginalized beneficiary in remote villages, and have resulted in bringing about transformational changes.