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Architectural Assistance


Architectural Assistant


An architectural assistant works with professional architects in the fields of construction, facilities management, and other related areas. He or she is responsible for  creating  layouts, sections, drawings, and other materials that are necessary in every step of the architectural process. The architectural assistant is an integral part of a construction project.

The role of an architectural assistant is varied. It may range from sorting out initial design possibilities to creating a plan for a large-scale project, such as an urban renovation project. It could also mean designing a piece of furniture for someone. People with degrees in architecture can find employment in different fields.

Primarily an architectural assistant draws up a lot of plans and works as a liaison between the client and the people working on the project. In today's  eco-conscious world, an architectural assistant needs to have knowledge  and experience with sustainable design and building practices as more clients demand structures that are as ecologically benign as possible. Every architect requires an assistant who can help him out with the various activities in an organization. This assistant is usually an entry level architect who is knowledgeable and skilled, albeit with little or no professional experience. However, this architect's assistant responsibilities are diverse and not limited to the clerical work in the architect's office.

The job responsibilities of an architect's assistant vary depending on the sector where he works. There are landscape architects who plan and design residential, commercial and other spaces of public importance. The job of architect's assistant here is to help out the architect either by drawing out the architectural layouts, meeting with clients or administering other functions for a project. He can be asked to place orders to the suppliers or supervise the construction process in the absence of architect.

With an increase in experience, the architect assistant gets to perform many other duties depending on the project and client requirements. He may be asked to support the architectural team and modify the architectural design to meet the design and safety standards. Documentation of design and the project is another task that the architect's assistant has to perform on a routine basis. He may have to communicate with the regulatory authorities to inform them and seek approval for the projects undertaken by the organization.

Architectural assistant at EXIN

The EXINIAN’s are made aware of the job responsibilities of an architectural assistant for their successful career-

Designing and Documentation-An architect's assistant helps in the designing of blueprints for every project. He may modify the designs as instructed. After gaining adequate experience, the architect's assistant gets the opportunity to prepare all the project designs independently or with little supervision He prepares the contracts and other documents for all the projects

Budgeting and Resource Management - An architect's assistant works with the finance department to assess the financial requirements of a project. He meets vendors and places orders for materials and equipments for all the projects He disburses the materials to the architectural team and maintains records of stock remaining with the warehousing department.

Quality Assurance- The architect's assistant checks if all the projects and designs follow the design and safety standards. He has to brief other team members about the additions to the design and safety standards defined by the regulatory body

Reporting to authorities-An architect's assistant has to present the details of new projects to seek approval. He keeps the authorities informed about any modifications in the architectural layout and also about the completion of projects.


The position of architect's assistant is for entry level architects. This individual is trained on the following factors to be professionally successful-

Resistant to stress: The job can be hectic owing to the stringent deadlines and multiple projects going on simultaneously. Therefore an architect's assistant is expected to be stress resistant and work calmly without getting affected by the work pressure.


Quick learner: Even while working, the architect's assistant should be able to learn the new concepts and methods adapted in the architectural design. He should be able to adapt these skills at the workplace itself.

Tech savvy: The architect's assistant is required to be proficient with the most advanced applications used in drafting. He should be able to draw the designs accurately for a clear understanding of the project requirements by other members.

Conversational: The architect's assistant should be able to initiate and involve in the conversations in order to understand, explain and maintain a proper flow of instructions and information.

Flexible: He should be able to adapt to the changing circumstances, work for long periods at a stretch, and also handle additional responsibilities efficiently.

Skills You Learn

An architectural assistant is responsible for tasks ranging from design techniques to architectural work as it is required. An architectural assistant is trained by imbibing certain skills in them which will enable them to-

  • Design plans for buildings
  • Design plans for alterations to buildings
  • Design plans for additions to buildings
  • Work as a liaison between the client and the architecture firm
  • Create schematic diagrams of buildings
  • Prepare detailed working drawings of various projects
  • Research materials, methods, and construction techniques
  • Inspect projects during construction
  • Prepare inspection reports

An architecture assistant is taught the fundamental principles and practices of architecture, construction materials and methods, architectural law and ethics, building codes, and engineering processes as related to buildings. He or she must be able to design, render, and draw plans, write clear reports, prepare plans and building specs, inspect the work of others, analyze situations accurately and decide proper courses of action.

How You Learn

The syllabus incorporates the following topics-

  • Building Construction , Graphic Presentation , Building Construction and Surveying.
  • Workshop Science and Calculation.
  • Engineering Drawing.
  • Lettering Basis.
  • Scales – Plain, Diagonal & comparative.
  • Drawing plan, elevation of points.
  • Isometric projection of different objects.
  • Reducing and enlargement of drawing objects by graphical method.
  • Perspective projection.
  • Showing arrangement of bricks in different parts of bonds.
  • Drawing of scaffolding.
  • Drawing different types of foundation.
  • Drawing details of damp proof courses & plinth projection.
  • Drawing of conventional signs used in engineering survey.

Career Opportunities

  • Architectural Supervisor
  • Landscape Architect
  • Landscape Gardener
  • Marine Architect
  • Draftsman in an architectural firm
  • Interior Designer
  • Site supervisor and surveyor
  • Draftsman in a structural firm
  • Architectural Technician.


Duration of the Course: 1 year

Application Process


Interested candidates must have appeared/passed the CBSE/ISCE/ISC/Regional Board (or any other equivalent board) 10+2 examination in any discipline. Candidates who have recently appeared for the examination and are awaiting their results may also apply.


We, at EXIN follow the following evaluation procedures for admission to its various courses. Candidates have to undergo:

The admission procedure to various courses at EXIN follows the method of:


1. An admission test.

2. An all-inclusive interview.

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