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Site Supervisor



 Professional supervision is required for building repair projects to ensure that the repair work is executed with a high level of quality.  Experts act as experienced construction site supervisors in diverse building repair projects. With their help one can ensure that the goals of the project are attained.

The skillful supervision of a building repair project requires vast knowledge: knowledge of building parts and systems. It also requires knowledge of building practices and methods in different areas as well as of the usability of current building practices and methods.  Being aware of prices and cost levels and broad social skills are prerequisites for successful project management.

During site supervision, one should take into account that the materials used are of good quality, function well and conform to the standards. These include HVAC systems, electrical equipment or building structures. Our supervisors can also act as safety coordinators for the project in order to make sure the site is a safe working place for everyone.

What You Learn

EXINIANS are taught how to perform the following tasks:-


  • Helps to reach project goals
  • Supervises that construction projects are executed properly
  • Ensures quality and standard conformity of materials and systems
  • Enhances safety on the site
  • Makes sure that regulations are followed
  • Project Management and Communication
  • Project Planning
  • Condition Assessment
  • Repair Need Investigation
  • Strategic Real Estate Survey
  • Structural Condition Survey
  • Hazardous Material Survey
  • Pipeline Condition Survey
  • Ventilation Condition Survey
  • Indoor Air Condition Survey
  • Electrical and Telecommunications system Condition Survey
  • Building Automation Condition Survey
  • Due Diligence
  • Energy Performance Audit & Certificate
  • Indoor Climate and Energy Simulations
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Environmental Impact Estimation
  • Quality Evaluation of Operation and Maintenance
  • Maintenance Manual


How You Learn

Site supervision is a vital role in the construction industry. Safety is a key issue that needs a lot of attention. EXINIANS are taught how to maintain safety. They are also taught how to assess and manage safety hazards in the workplace. They are made aware of the responsibilities that include managing and instructing the site workers, setting goals for the team and seeing projects through to completion.

Construction workers need to be aware of all safety hazards and precautions so that they are safe even when no one is there to supervise. EXIN trains its students on how to ensure that all traders are inducted before they start work. Contractors need to be aware of site rules, and one should talk to them and their crews on a regular basis about on-site safety.

A site supervisor can coach, help or guide the workers to become competent in the areas which will ensure safety. A site supervisor should always know who is working on the site, and they are taught about their responsibility to be knowledgeable about all potential safety hazards.

They are taught how to make sure so that everyone knows about the precautions and actions that one can take in case of an accident. It is their duty to ensure that everyone knows this, and one should be  able to determine the effectiveness of the controls in place. One should be capable of performing emergency first aid at work.

As a site supervisor the main priority is how to ensure safety .They are also taught how to discipline staff. One is taught how to mentor and encourage members of the team, which is why many companies look for a qualified supervisor with years of experience working as part of a team. 

Skills You Learn

EXIN trains its students in such a manner that the students learn the following skills and attain the qualities necessary for their successful profession.Supervisors require a combination of five key managerial skills in order to handle their jobs effectively. These can be divided into technical, human, conceptual, diagnostic and political. The first three have been recognized for many years. Diagnostic and political skills are now receiving more attention as organizations are becoming more complex.

Technical skill-Technical skill involves being proficient in a specific activity. It comprises of differentmethods, processes, procedures or techniques. Individual performers expect their supervisor to help them with technical problems.

Human skill-Human skill is the ability to work with, understand and communicate with individuals and groups. Human skill also includes the ability to communicate with people in order to resolve conflict and in order to maintain discipline.  The supervisor’s job involves constant interaction with people and hence human skills are essential.

Conceptual skill-Conceptual skill is the ability to understand abstract or general ideas. One should be capable of applying them to specific situations. Conceptual skill means understanding how the total organization can be affected by a specific activity.

Diagnostic skill-Diagnostic skill is the ability to analyze the nature of a problem with ideas, things or events. A good diagnosis precedes a recommended solution to a problem .Supervisors are frequently called on in order to size up a problem so that they are able to take appropriate corrective action.Diagnostic skill overlaps with the other four managerial skills. This is due to the fact that supervisors usually need technical, human, conceptual or political skills to make their diagnosis.Many supervisors regard diagnostic skill as the most exciting part of their jobs.

Political skill-Political skill involves the ability to acquire the power needed to achieve one’s objective. Specific political skills include being able to win others over to your cause.

Career Opportunities

  • Assistant Building Surveyor
  • Project Director
  • Project Manager
  • Senior Land and Development Manager
  • Civil Site Supervisor

Duration of the Course: 6 months

Application Process


Interested candidates must have appeared/passed the CBSE/ISCE/ISC/Regional Board (or any other equivalent board) 10+2 examination in any discipline. Candidates who have recently appeared for the examination and are awaiting their results may also apply.


We, at EXIN follow the following evaluation procedures for admission to its various courses. Candidates have to undergo:

The admission procedure to various courses at EXIN follows the method of:


1. An admission test.

2. An all-inclusive interview.

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