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Exterior Interior LtdAwards & Honors

EXIN has won the prestigious ‘Skill & Entreprenuership Award, 2015’ as a vocational training institute since 1986 in collaboration with Johnson & Nicholson having its pan Asia operation and 100% placement track record and ‘Maha mobilisation outreach’ campaign for urban youth, a benchmark in the skilling industries.

EXIN as a NSDC partner carved a niche on the international landscape, by launching the program of skill & entreprenuership development in the arena with significant tie-ups across Bangladesh and other countries in association with WASME.

EXIN won the prestigious bam (branding, advertising & marketing) award for the best innovative media vehicle for skilling & training at Indian brand convention, 2014.

EXIN received most popularly known as  “India’s  most ethical companies” that have demonstrated exemplary corporate governance and sustained performance to augment value of the career of the students who are the future stakeholder’s of the company namely Lokotantro Corporate Excellence Award’ in 2001 - 02.

EXIN has won the prestigious sustainable branding award in the “Brand Equity Provider of the Year” category at the 5th international branding awards presented by the world’s branding congress held on October 2013 in Singapore.

100% professional training & placements companies list is announced every year by APTIIA         (Association of Professional Training Institute of India & abroad) to certify the best providers and services in the training industry. The APTIIA recognizes EXIN as one of the 100 companies from across the globe that provides professional learning services. Each company, who participate undergoes extensive research including thorough analysis of their capabilities, experience and expertise.

EXIN was awarded as “Certificate of Excellence" in recognition of innovative work at the all India innovation forum focuses on high impact on incubation model of innovative design held at Ludhiana in 2011-2012 .

The esteemed jury of the panel of world’s Interior Designers forum shortlisted EXIN for doing commendable work in the area of student enrolment in India and Bangladesh. The recognition marks the uniqueness of EXIN’s best practices, intensity of challenges addressed, execution model, ease of adoption & use, reach & accessibility, impact & scope for scale  &  sustainability.

EXIN has bagged yet another milestone. It has received the global recognition once again, and has featured in the Interior & Fashion Design Training watch list, 2009 released by the website development & training organisation forum of India (WDTIFI), the best practices award is bestowed upon training organizations, who have mobilized students through better awareness programmes, field campaigns, partnership and/or use of technology tools. An independent jury comprising of eminent skills professionals and heads of organizations (WDTOFI) evaluated the award entries. Application were selected to the 2009 companies list on the following criteria :

Innovative approach to design training

Prolonged relaunched practices

Targeted service offering

Quality of initial clients

Solution focussed on specific market verticles


EXIN ensures that students get the best in terms of syllabus, faculty, teaching methods and curriculum.

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EXIN awarded as best institute in Fashion category and endowed with ‘Saraswati Samman’.
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Award has been conferred to EXIN in the category "Best Interior & Fashion Design Training Provider"

The World Forum of Design Education Awards felicitates and acknowledges unique and innovative initiatives in the field of Design training globally. EXIN received this award after rigorous screening by eminent jury members and by receiving substantial online likings. This Award was announced in presence of a huge gathering, prominent educationists, members of education industries and media. This award once again recognized and rewarded the contribution made by R & D of EXIN in delivering a world class Syllabus with best in class features.

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Awarded as a path-breaker in Online Training Module incubation

EXINONLINE won the award at Digital India Awards on 22nd June, 2015, The award intended to identify the first time incubation on online education module which will create design education by  E learning and collaboration accessible anytime and anywhere and also which combines the power of the internet with social collaboration and smart phone mobility. It will allow students a seamless access to course material, sharing and performance evaluation. This eLearning solution will be accessible anywhere and anytime by students, teachers and parents,based on excellence in many areas, including:

Innovative Service Offerings.

Ability to provide services on a global basis.

Unique and proven approach to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Solutions.

Quality of the applicants' client list.

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Awarded as oldest & pioneer in Design Eduation Initiative at Indo-Bangladesgh Education Congress, 2013.

Some of the key factors that undisputedly placed EXIN in the league of organizations across the world:

Robust need-diagnostic process

Impactful end-to-end training programs and solutions

World-class content architecture, creation and validation processes

User-friendly and well-packaged content

Stringent Trainers' selection, boot camp, certification and capability building processes

Flawless classroom training delivery processes

Seamless logistics management processes

Well-built processes to track impact of learning interventions

Robust processes to encourage sustained innovations

This recognition bears testimony to EXIN's commitment to excellence and its endeavor to delight all its stakeholders. It further reinforces the value created by the company and also highlights its relentless pursuit in creating a world-class organization by providing the best-in-class learning solutions.

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Awarded as most impactful initiative in Skill Enhancement

EXIN received the award for the Most Impactful initiative in Skill enhancement at Indo-Srilanka Skill Education Awards on 28th July 2014. The award aimed to identify the company taking up of the cause of channelizing the execution of skill enhancement to its optimum impact follows.

Innovative Approach to Skill Training

New or Re-Launched Practices

Targeted Service Offering

Quality improvement  of Initial trainers

Solutions Focused on Specific Market Verticals

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Award has been conferred to EXIN in the category "Best Interior & Fashion Design Training Provider"

The World Forum of Design Education Awards felicitates and acknowledges unique and innovative initiatives in the field of Design training globally. EXIN received this award after rigorous screening by eminent jury members and by receiving substantial online likings. This Award was announced in presence of a huge gathering, prominent educationists, members of education industries and media. This award once again recognized and rewarded the contribution made by R & D of EXIN in delivering a world class Syllabus with best in class features.

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Awarded as best contribution to develop highest entrepreneurs of Interior Designers in India & abroad

EXIN  nominated for the highest honour - “Highest Entrepreneur Developer” Award for its exceptional vision in uplifting the interior design education sector in India and bestowing it with much needed change at “Entrepreneur Developer India Awards 2011” organized by Forum of Institute of EDP on May 23, 2011.

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EXIN features in the fifth position of world’s lists of interior design training institute out of top 100 institutes

Ranking as 5th out of top 100 interior product manufacturing & designing companies, The Interior Business World - October 14, 2010, is a special issue of Interior Business World, known as The IBW ROLTA 100 - The definitive Ranking of India's Biggest Companies. EXIN features in top 100 interior product manufacturing & designing  companies with a rank of fifth an upgrade from last year’s rank of twelfth.

This recognition was conferred on us for demonstrating excellence in many areas, including:

Innovative service offerings

Ability to provide services on a global basis

Unique and proven approach to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Solutions

Quality of the client list

Ranked amongst other organizations operating in this domain across US, Australia, Canada and India.

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Innovative & creative Shiksha Ratna Award of the decade

EXIN Management Team & Faculty Team have been conferred with GAIA, Singapore International “ Innovative & Creative Shiksha Ratna of the Decade” award, at International Design Education Review on 10th September 2009 at Singapore.

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EXIN conferred with excellence award by Institute of Design Studies

EXIN was conferred with the prestigious “Excellence Award” by the Forum of Design Studies. EXIN was recognized with the Excellence Award for its outstanding contribution towards developing the design education sector in PAN India & Pan Asia through excellence in Productivity, Quality, Innovation & Management of holistic range of innovative design education syllabus, products and services.

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The management of EXIN was presented by the “Udyog Rattan Award”

Forum of EDP Studies presented the Udyog Rattan Award to the management of EXIN for its invaluable contribution to the Entrepreneurship Development of the country through transforming of the field-learning and on job training processes by empowering teachers and encouraging students to acquire knowledge and gain conceptual clarity through use of EDP methodology.

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Excellence in Innovative Interior Integration Awards (EIIIA) in 2007.

Research and Development Division of EXIN was recognised as the finalist at the 11th annual Excellence in Innovative Interior Integration Awards (EIIIA).

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Ranks fifth in ‘Design Education & Training’ in India’s ‘best companies to work’

EXIN ranks Number 5 in Design Education & Training in the study: India’s Best Companies to Work For 2004. This study was conducted by The Forum of Design Studies in collaboration with the Indo Asia Institute of Interiors & Fashion Designers and the recognition conferred to EXIN based on the assessment as follows :

Employee recognition programs of EXIN helps to inspire its employee creativity, improve productivity and lower staff turnover that applies to all employees and helps to motivate the entire staff who give importance of  R&R activity (Reward & Recognition).

Veteran employees of EXIN who receive the award of  appreciation publicly acknowledges years of service.

New employees of EXIN who gets inspired by the veterans while receiving awards of appreciation.  New employees of EXIN find themselves getting awarded and appreciated for their work, it inspires them to give their maximum effort.

Employee recognition programs of EXIN is done based on productivity which help to motivate the employees and increase output.

A whole range of R&R programmes of EXIN  including award ceremony, banquet lunch and games, took place on the day, which celebrated our hardworking employees.

Awarding to the power packed performer who are the most stylish employee, from the lifetime achievement award to the most promising newcomer, from the department of the year to the employee of the year; the R&R event served to all. Not only in boosting morale, the event also helped in building a sense of camaraderie among the employees and further strengthened the employee-employer relationship.

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Best Emerging Franchisee Model Company of Pan Asia

EXIN is known for model of excellence in Franchising and Business Development as an Asia's largest integrated franchise solution company since 1986.

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Ratings from Crisil

EXIN was the first Interior & Fashion Design Institute / company in India to have been rated at SE 2B by CRISIL,

High Performance Capability.

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Received ISO 9001:2008 certification for ICT solutions

ISO 9001:2008 Certification was awarded in application of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) related to computer - aided learning, training and computer literacy projects in schools.

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Delighted awards: one of the fastest growing Design Education & Training Company in Asia Pacific

EXIN - One of the Fastest Growing Design Education & Training Company in Asia Pacific.

This program recognizes Design Education & Training companies that have achieved the fastest rates of annual revenue growth in Asia Pacific during the past three years. It includes companies based in Australia , China , Hong Kong SAR, India, Indonesia, Japan, Macau SAR, Malaysia, Philippines , New Zealand, Singapore , South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. EXIN ensures that the students get the best in regard to syllabus, infrastructure, teaching methods, curriculum and facility. The Award is conferred upon the "best of the best" in recognition of their attainment of world-class standard of quality excellence. The main purpose of awards is to encourage more companies to adopt quality management principles.

Quality Excellence Award for teaching and Learning 

Quality Excellence Award for Best Student Service

Quality Excellence Award for Practical methodology Training

Quality Excellence Award for Workforce  Development

Quality Excellence Award for Outstanding EDP

Quality Excellence Award for Business Relationship













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Awarded as most impactful initiative in innovative skill enhancement in collaboration with Pidilite Industries Ltd.

EXIN believes in constant innovation and is therefore is always welcoming of game-changing inventions and ideas. And it is this flair which has brought another remarkable collaboration with a big name in the country.

“Pidilite Industries Ltd” is a leading organization of India with renowned brands like Fevicol, Fevistik, Fevicryl, Rangeela, Mseal, Fevikwik, Dr.Fixit etc., and building bonds with an ever-expanding network of customers since 1956. Being the pioneers in the range of Adhesives, Art and Colour Materials and Hobby Segment, Pidilite Industries Limited truly believes that Art and Craft has a critical role to play in the overall development of children.

The “Fevicryl” material constantly introduces exciting, new and innovative products and ideas that cater to the requirements of thousands of Professionals, Hobbyists, Art lovers, Students and Artists across the country.

Pidilite Industries Limited has taken initiative which promotes awareness, knowledge and skill in the World of Art and Craft.

It is in translating this belief into action Pidilite not only develop and enhance products but also it develops new and structured ideas through our Resource Centre team with a strong and research driven innovation overlaid with consumer insights.

Their curriculums for the Fabric are appreciated by thousands of Fashion Designers, Boutiques, Artists, Other Professionals, Hobbyists and Art lovers.

Fevicryl is a designing adhesive which can be imprinted upon fabrics directly, meaning no stitching is required, thereby bringing an evolution to fashion designing. The best part is that they look exactly as good as any stitched product. Pidilite and EXIIN for this purpose have been organizing various fashion shows, exhibitions and competition to bring this innovation to the common public. This one of a kind collaboration between Pidilite and EXIN is therefore bound to bring a revolutionary change to the elements of fashion designing.


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Honoured as most impactful initiative in placement track record of employment & self-employment with all flagship companies & industries and as a successful entreprenuers.

Applauded by “Finance Today”(27th july-3rd August,2003) as having successfully trained and placed over 20,000 students as employed or self employed and branded as largest PAN ASIA institute with campuses all India and also in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Honoured by Hindusthan Times, New Delhi on 20th August, 2003 and The Statesman for organizing paid internship of almost all the students to earn part of the tuition cost while studying in EXIN.

Praised by Finance Today(June 9-15,2003) as an institute having almost 100% placement track record in various renowned Construction Firms, Developers, Builders, Housing Cooperatives, ,Corporate, Hotels, Furniture Making Industries, Modular Kitchen Making Industries, Modular Bath Room Making Industries, Electrical Fittings Making Industries, False Ceiling Making Industries, Ply & Laminate Making Industries, Paint Industries, Hardware & Accessories Making Industries, Tiles & Marble Industries, Carpets & Curtain Making Industries, Epoxy Floor Making Industries,  Civil Engineering Firm, Architectural Firms,  Design Consultants, Interior Designing Firms etc.

According to Corporate News Bureau(Oct 1-16,2003) EXIN is a reputed interior designing institute with National & International credentials providing quality training to it’s over 20000 students and placed them as Employed or Self Employed in almost all the Countries throughout the world.