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Affiliation is the strength that allows an institution to join hands with others to create something stronger, more adaptive and more creative than any it can be as an individual body.

Affiliation is the basic recognition of the very institution, through which, one undergoes a particular mode of study either vocational or academic. It also ensures the originality of the certificates or degrees received and enable the students to make the required use of it. Affiliating bodies ranks the colleges or universities on the basis of their quality of education, faculties, and teaching methods, performance of students, infrastructure and environment within the campus of the institution.

There are numerous affiliating bodies and the difference of these bodies lies in the fact of their levels in the competing world. A degree, training or certificate obtained from a particular college or university may place you on a higher level, whereas, the same thing obtained by your friend from an institution of different affiliation may not take him or her anywhere. At the very beginning, it is important for the students to have a sound knowledge about the course they want to pursue and then which institutions are best recognized. The recognition of an institution always depends, on how the students excel after passing out and this is where affiliation plays its part. Job providers are keen on their choice of selection and so they are quite aware of the affiliations. In order to make the best use of the professionals, they prefer choosing candidates from the best institutes over the average ones. So, here is, where the particular colleges and universities are termed as ‘average, ‘good’, ‘best’ and even ‘excellent’ and thus decides their rank.

Therefore, affiliation has a major role to play in the career of the individuals as well as the institutions. The institutions with good affiliation will always be regarded as the choice for students, and hence, they will always have an overflow of students. Similarly, they will also have the best faculties as every teacher will like to choose the best institution which, will enable her to prosper in the job and also draw a higher scale of salary. The institutions with swarming students will always draw a huge economy which will enable them to build up a better infrastructure which will once again make them the best choice. 

EXIN is proud to have been affiliated with some of the prestigious universities across the nation. Techno India University, Mewar University & Seacom Skills University are the university affiliation of EXIN. Here’s a look of the various affiliations of EXIN.